Monday, August 23

Real 1939 Zephyr and fiberglas Sedan Delivery

The 1939 Zephyr sedan is by Hollywood Hotrods and could possibly be my favorite (although 1950 Mrecs are my passion). Hot rod builder Terry Cook had sex on his mind when dreaming up the ’39 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan Delivery. Designed by Cook, president of Deco Rides, with artist Frank Nicholas, the sedan delivery is designed as a mobile motorcycle carrier.

The 17-foot long body has space for a nine-foot long, 39-inch tall chopper. It uses a front-wheel drive platform to allow for added space in the rear floorboard for a motorized ramp to get a bike in or out of the vehicle.

When loading, a motorcycle can be rolled onto the ramp and strapped into place. A single switch will automatically retract the ramp and the bike into the car. When loaded, the bike’s front wheel will rest between the driver and passenger seats.

The Zephyr Sedan Delivery has a one-piece fiberglass body and an inner shell bonded to the body to provide a double-wall structure. The 17-foot Lincoln Zephyr Sedan Delivery has a slick art deco style. All of the bodywork is produced out of Deco Rides’ Elkhart, Ind. facility. The Lincoln Sedan Delivery body kit will be available in May for $9,900.

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