Thursday, September 30

WANTED: Dead or Dead

Look at this smug ass. Not an original thought in his empty head, and can't build a bike without putting spiderwebs on it. The shirt that he's wearing is not original either. The bike was built by Ian at Falcon and is something that neither he or his dad could ever build. What an asshole! Thanks ChopCult

Wednesday, September 29

Sunday, September 26

Banksy says it all

This is for Jill and her 13 day week

Saturday, September 25


$15,000 Spyker...bicycle

Bespoke Dutch super car builder Spyker have a motto, ‘Nulla tenaci invia est via’ which translates as ‘for the tenacious, no road is impassable’. It’s a quote that we, as cyclists, should endear to our own endeavours. Spyker obviously had the same ideal in mind when they teamed up with Koga-Miyata Koga-Mita to produce this ‘two-wheeled, one manpowered’ addition to their range.
It’s a beautiful machine. At around US$15,000 for a commuter bike to match your Spyker C8 Spyder GT2R, it’d want to be. In keeping with Spyker and Koga-Miyata’s tradition of excellence in design and materials, the Aeroblade is constructed with a titanium frame, rolling on a wheel set and mudguards made from aluminum glass fiber coated carbon composite. The saddle and handgrips are supplied by Royal Dutch Tanners, Hulshof
. I’d imagine that would be one of the plushest saddles you could plant your posterior upon. It’s doubtful whether the Aeroblade could outrun an actual road bike, even a vintage steel Koga-Miyata, but when you need to haul up, there’s a custom polished pair of Formula disc brakes on hand. Transmission is supplied via a special editionRohloff 14-speed internal rear hub. My favorite touch, though, is the CNC’d aluminum chain guard, on the off chance you decided to grind a ledge on the way back from the deli downtown. Inscribed with the Spyker axiom, it would be a constant reminder to be tenacious.

US Customs Indian Broadtracker

Thursday, September 23

Wednesday, September 22

Uber-Cool German Treehouse

Hump day beauty

There's just something about old iron that gives me a chub. Photos from ThrottleFMC. Checkout Junta's Flickr set.

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Let them eat toast

That's right folks, a Vermont company makes The Daily Bread Toaster. They are going to release a Virgin Mary edition soon. Strawberry jam = stigmata?

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