Saturday, September 25

$15,000 Spyker...bicycle

Bespoke Dutch super car builder Spyker have a motto, ‘Nulla tenaci invia est via’ which translates as ‘for the tenacious, no road is impassable’. It’s a quote that we, as cyclists, should endear to our own endeavours. Spyker obviously had the same ideal in mind when they teamed up with Koga-Miyata Koga-Mita to produce this ‘two-wheeled, one manpowered’ addition to their range.
It’s a beautiful machine. At around US$15,000 for a commuter bike to match your Spyker C8 Spyder GT2R, it’d want to be. In keeping with Spyker and Koga-Miyata’s tradition of excellence in design and materials, the Aeroblade is constructed with a titanium frame, rolling on a wheel set and mudguards made from aluminum glass fiber coated carbon composite. The saddle and handgrips are supplied by Royal Dutch Tanners, Hulshof
. I’d imagine that would be one of the plushest saddles you could plant your posterior upon. It’s doubtful whether the Aeroblade could outrun an actual road bike, even a vintage steel Koga-Miyata, but when you need to haul up, there’s a custom polished pair of Formula disc brakes on hand. Transmission is supplied via a special editionRohloff 14-speed internal rear hub. My favorite touch, though, is the CNC’d aluminum chain guard, on the off chance you decided to grind a ledge on the way back from the deli downtown. Inscribed with the Spyker axiom, it would be a constant reminder to be tenacious.

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