Saturday, July 31

8 Hour roundtrip

Austin was an easy trip. Off-loaded the bike with ease and Dave will work his magic. I'm so thankful for Jill and the base she gives me, she is truly a friend. Life is good.

Heading to Austin

Taking the XS back to Voodoo Vintage for repairs. Dave stands by his product and will make things right (that's the sign of a good business). So, I'm off to Austin and a look around the area for a place to live (and play) for awhile. The photo was taken just before I took off from Franklin, KY and broke down.

Friday, July 30

Back in Texas

I should be at the Twine Ball rally, but it's hard when the bike isn't running. I broke down a week ago south of Nashville. After spending the weekend looking for parts (thanks Mike's XS) I put in a new rotor and strator and hit the road. 20 miles down the road it stopped again (this time the timing or the carbs didn't sound or work right). Finally just rented a truck and drove back to Texas where I can do things right. I'm looking on the bright side if there is one and trying to focus on some health concerns. Wish I was more like The Dude (Lebowski), but sometime I just feel like saying fuck it.

Friday, July 23

Heading south to Alabama

After a wild night of partyin' I'm heading south to pickup I20 in Birmingham. Should be dry for a few days so I'll enjoy the new scenery. Lovin' the bike and life is good!

Thursday, July 22

Getting ready for a road trip!

Down home at Josh's farm and getting ready to head back to Texas. Put new front wheel bearings in today and adjusted the valves. Really hopes it stops raining for the next 3 days because I hate riding the interstates with the big rigs. Hope everything is going good for the boys at Bluffside Manor in San Diego.

Wednesday, July 21

Still in Kentucky

I'm waiting for a new seat spring to arrive from Lowbrow Customs so I can get back on the road again. It's been raqining and storming hard here the last few days and that really sucks.

Tuesday, July 20

Never give up

Thanks to 21 runnin' for the pic

Monday, July 19

Checkout the video

Take a look at the video at the bottom of the page. Look for Josh and me in the background. Our 15 seconds of fame. Check it out at:

Sunday, July 18

The Lebowski Fest

Too much fun. The people were great, the bowling was epic, and the day ended at 5:30am. See more on the official FB page: Abide

Tuesday, July 13

It's hard to say goodbye

Had to say goodbye to Woody today. My friend and companion of 18 years got so sick today we had to put him to sleep. I know he waited for me to come back to Texas because he was so happy to see me (although he was nearly blind) on Saturday. Jill and I were with him the whole day and I can truly say he was ready to go and play with his bro Kernel. I'll miss you buddy!

Sunday, July 11

Texas...I actually missed it

I'm in McKinney seeing Jill and the pups. Everyone looks great (even Woody at 18 yrs old), and I realized that I really do miss the weather (good or bad). Jill's really done alot with the house and it looks great! Planning on seeing all my friends in the hood, and relaxing today. The motorcycle ride up here from Austin was great and the bike ran with gusto. The rigid frame doesn't ruin my ass, but my hands kept going numb (need new gloves just like Dave said I would). Getting about 50+ miles per gallon on my 2.25 gallon '74 Sporty tank, so fillups are about every 100 miles which gives me time to get feeling back in the hands. Abide

Friday, July 9

Ronald giving up his sausage mcmuffin

The motorcycle will be ready tomorrow morning

That's Dave (owner of Voodoo Vintage) working so fast he's blurred.

South African Redneck Gangstas

Gotta love 'em! Check them out at:

Wednesday, July 7

Times are changing

A tectonic shift is coming, a turning is good (I feel like a lion riding in a sidecar)

Gettin' close

Heading to Austin tomorrow to finish up the build. Dave has been working hard and putting in long hours getting things ready for final assembly. This bike will rock!

Tuesday, July 6

Sunday, July 4

Friday, July 2

Afternoon at Donner Lake

Spent a great afternoon talking and eating.

New man taco

Took a bike ride to the top of a single track overlooking Boca and setup my new expedition hammock. Setup was easy and its very wide. It also has a bug net and is very comfy, but it would make a great man taco for a bear. Sleep tight!

New front tire

The new front tire has arrived for the bike and will be mounted today. This knobby will give me the control I need on those red dirt island roads (and it looks good too). I'll be out mountain biking the Sawtooth today. It's going to be beautiful and sunny with skies so blue it doesn't look real. Later in the day I'm heading for Donner Lake to spend time with my sister and the kids.