Tuesday, June 29

The strip joint

Here are some pictures of my XS getting stripped down and cleaned. Dave at Voodoo Vintage in Austin is doing the work. Fender is new and the headlight is getting ready for the new speedometer. Everything is moving forward...

Monday, June 28

The Sawtooth

Went out mountain biking the Sawtooth Trail yesterday. I'm amazed at how nature changes every day. Light, temperature, sound, color...every time it's different. I have been riding single tracks that rock and I feel great! Physically I've been riding parts of that I couldn't last year...and kicking ass. Today will be a rest day, so I'll start getting ready for my trip to Austin (got to send some stuff ahead). I wish I had a place where I could build my XS, but since I don't, I'm really getting excited about the build. Dave is waiting on some parts which should be in by the 30th. Life is great!

Saturday, June 26

Steve McQueen...king of cool

I'm sitting here watching the 50th anniversary showing of "The Magnificent Seven" on AMC. Shit, I was 15 years old, horny, and in love with motorcycles when this movie came out. Steve McQueen was riding his motorcycle with Bud Ekins out of Buds shop in Van Nuys. Bud had the greatest collection of pre-WW2 motorcycles in his back room (Harleys, boardtrackers, Indians, etc.) Steve was cool, he was "the man". He also did most of the stunts in "The Great Escape" with Bud doing the final jump sequence in the movie. I only wish I would have tried to get a bike then (I was too young) but I knew a guy that had a 650 Triumph, and, well he was cool. That was the first bike I ever popped a clutch and killed a motor on. Cool. Life is good!

Friday, June 25

Protector of the Earth

I was checking out my profile today looking at other people that had the same occupation as mine, which is "protector of the earth", and there are no others. I'm the only one. What an awesome responsibility. What ever happened to the Monkey Wrench Gang? Time to become a Hayduke? Anyone want to join me?

Thursday, June 24

Back in the saddle again

After sleeping for 11 hours I was ready for some single track at altitude. I love the area around Truckee, you can ride all day and never see anyone.

Wednesday, June 23

The Trip Fro Hell

It all started yesterday at 7:00am, that's when I got up. The day was a good one, full of sunshine, friends and food. I got to see Peter who just came back from Britian, and the cast of the usual suspects. At 11:00pm I was ready for the Red Line and Union Station. I made it there by midnight and the freaks were already out. I had decided to take the 4:00am bus to Bakersfield because that would put me in Truckee no later than 4:00pm. The bus trip to Bakersfield was standard and we actually arrived fifteen minutes early. Got on the train and settled in for the ride. No "Lucky Charm" Amish dudes this time, but enough freaks to keep me looking. Then it happened, a farmer outside Merced tried to beat the train in front of us through the crossing, and he and his melons were juiced. That held up my train for 2 1/2 hours, putting the next connection into question. After they scrapped him up,we took off, only to be held up by every south bound train. Finally after the longest 3 1/2 hours of my life we made it to Sacremento where I had to get another bus to Truckee. Then we had to wait for passengers from another train that got held up because of bad signals. When I finally made it to Truckee there was a 4 miles traffic jam because of construction. If I had a big fatty I would annilate it. I've been up for 39 hours and need some sleep, but I'm not sleepy. I need a good woman.

Tuesday, June 22

Voodoo Vintage in Austin, TX is building my new bike. The fender is on the way and the new tires and speedo are in. I'm starting to get excited now. My XS will be my transport for the rest of my life. Life is good. PRAISE THE LOWERED!

Beebe in Wonderland

Had a great time last night seeing my old friend Dawn Beebe. We ate vegan, drank beer/whiskey and watched "Alice in Wonderland". Good friends are the best thing anyone can have. Today it's time to pack for the trip back up to Truckee. I'll be spending the early hours of the morning in Union Station watching the freaks on parade. My bus leaves at 4:00am to Bakersfield, then on the train to Sacramento, then another bus to Truckee. I'll be dragging my ass by tomorrow afternoon, but the journey continues.

Going to miss my boys at Bluffside Manor (Aaron, Doug, Josh, Peter), but will be back to continue the party. Abide

Monday, June 21

Time Traveler

Today the story begins. Getting ready to take the train back up to Truckee, CA. Within 2 weeks I hope to be on my new ride, a 1981 Yamaha XS650 bobber. It's being built by David Roy at Voodoo Vintage in Austin, TX. If everything goes according to plan I should be in Louisville, KY at the end of July for The Lebowski Fest. Life just keeps taking turns and I just keep leaning into them dragging a knee. This blog should be a good way of letting everyone know that I'm still alive and where I am. Abide.