Tuesday, April 5

Gravity bikes are cool

Jeff Tiedeken, Aerospace Welder and Party Animal, has taken gravity bike design to a whole ‘nother level with his latest creation. As a side project he fabricated this downhill demon that’s so close to an engine-less motorcycle it’s sure to turn up a few puritanical noses.

His gravity bike features elegant curves constructed from 4130 steel that belie a great structural integrity, as do the single-sided fork and rear end. In fact, the close-up shots reveal burly engineering and masterful welds, which happens to be a trademark of Jeff’s. That’s a 26” Crossmax Lefty wheelset, with deceleration provided by a pair of Avid Elixr hydraulic disc brakes. A pair of swap meet cranks are both set backwards and provide motorcycle-style footpeg struts.

Kyle from Trackosaurus Rex, one of my favorite reads, had the opportunity to take it for a spin with Jeff, and informs us he reached speeds around 50mph — but the potential is there to achieve speeds of up to 70mph.

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